Video Number - MW91
Monica Martin
Vs. Brett Foley

A Flamingo Enterprises Production

Monica is a sexy hot babe who stands 5'4" and weighs 125 lbs. Her opponent was Brett, 5'9" and 155 lbs. The match started with Monica wearing a pair of tight sexy jean shorts and green bikini top that let you see that this was one seriously fine woman. With caution both contestants sized each other up as the match began. Monica was quick and crafty and scored some body scissors and then some head scissors, but couldn't quite get the submission point. Then out of nowhere Brett pulled out some crunching body scissors combined with a headlock and earned the first point. Well it was clearly on now and Monica evened the score with a crunching cross pin. Monica followed this up with chest smothers and crunching head scissors that had Brett quickly tapping. When you see Brett's head being squeezed by Monica luscious thighs you'll simply be filled with awe and delight watching such a hot woman deliver big time action. After about 20 minutes Monica pulled off her shorts leaving her sexy supple body covered only by her tiny green bikini. Monica now turned up the heat and devastated Brett repeatedly with body and head scissors She even dished out some vicious cross pins and chest smothers. Brett fought hard and managed several times to get on top for brief periods, but it was to no avail. If your a fan of seeing a hard fought competitive mixed match where ultimately a super gorgeous babe prevails then this tape is a must for the collection. Approximately 50 minutes. $49.95. Item# MW91

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